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Each section of The Modern Princess is followed by a special place to record your responses to The Tiara Talk. 

Soft Cover




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Every Princess was born to be pampered. Now You can have the Princess Power Pack For just $42.99

• One soft cover copy of The Modern Princess 
• One Relationship Remodeling CD
• One "Princess Power" Mug 
• One "Princess Power" Band to wear





Just like our homes, our relationships need a little sprucing up from time to time. Whether you’re experiencing difficulties in your current situation, or looking to do some "Soul Searching" while single. Packed with two full 45 minute coaching sessions and follow up assignments, you’re sure to bounce back better than ever!

The Modern Princess brand is excited to announce we’ve partnered with local Hampton Roads jewelry designer Brianne Polk to create

(3) unique pieces. The Princess Pump, Princess Tiara & Princess Tear-Drop are available for a LIMITED time. Order for yourself and a friend before they are gone! Click link for price:

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