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For centuries women all over the world have longed to be understood. But if you let men tell the story all you gals are looking for is a guy to take care of your every desire, physically and emotionally. We have been brainwashed into believing that the average woman (which is anything but average) actually needs saving. There is nothing farther from the truth! I have seen strength displayed by women of all ethnicities that would buckle the knees of a man. I dare not mention child birth. If it were up to men, there would be no repopulation of planet earth.


I have daughters and a grand daughter I want to see married and successful. I wrote The Modern Princess not only to honor them, but for the millions of women around the world who struggle with the ideals of dating.


There are some great guys out there, and this book, website and conversations are just a small spark to help along the way 

"I  Wrote This Book Because I Want To Make Dating Safe!"

- Early L. Jackson

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