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The Modern Princess is all about girls growing up and finding love!

Every Girl Is Born a Princess


Life and relationships can be difficult. Most would agree that this is a gross understatement. It is this fact that compelled me to write a relationship self help book.



Regardless of where the big chains place it on their shelves or what types of opportunities spring up because of it, I won’t measure my success by those stats. I have daughters and a granddaughter. If that doesn’t make my choices sobering, nothing will. I am literally afraid for them as they navigate through the dangerous field of relationships. My ultimate mission is to make dating safe for women around the world— one conversation at a time.



Years ago, as I sat chatting with my youngest daughter about her enormous book and DVD collection, it became apparent she had a thing for princesses. Everywhere I looked there were frilly frocks, tiaras or other items that let everyone know this is a girl’s domain. Oddly enough it wasn’t the same story across the hall in the room belonging to my two sons. There monster trucks, Legos and rugged gear were everywhere you stepped. I began to see a stark contrast in how we raised these two separate kinds of beings.


                                                                                                                                               ~Early Jackson


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