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By: Early L. Jackson, Jr.


Life and relationships can be difficult. Most would agree that this is a gross understatement. It is this fact that compelled Early to write a relationship self help book


Early Jackson, CEO of New Direction Coaching Associates, is a life coach with an emphasis on Life Adjustment & Transition.  Early is acclaimed for his work as a life coach working with individuals, couples, families and professionals in designing and living extraordinary lives.  Early has a special ability to build leaders, while developing people to a life of happiness, with deep, lasting satisfaction and fulfillment. 


As readers journey through the pages of this book one thing they are sure to learn is men and women are very different. They have different priorities, passions and outlooks. Not better or worse; just different. Relationships are about mutual sacrifice and that does not mean giving up something you love for the person you love. It is about compromising your needs while complimenting the needs of the one you love. It is not giving up as much as it is giving to.


What do Belle, Dorothy and Snow White have in common? They all had issues with the men in their lives. Interestingly enough, we've been spoon fed these tales of relational dysfunction since the crib, so no wonder half of all marriages suffer the fate of divorce. Often it is the expectations we learn as children that dictate the outcomes of adult life. If we are to grow and develop into mature, functional adults with vibrant relationships it will take revisiting the lessons of the past to create a better tomorrow.


In this farcical yet relevant work, Life Coach Early Jackson approaches the cycle of bad relationships from a fairy tale vantage. Women learn there is not a new problem that men present. In fact, these issues are as old as the stories we heard as children. You'll learn from the 'Real Housewives of Fantasy Land' what it really takes to live "Happily ever after."


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